Vermicompost 10KG

Vermicomposting often known as worm composting, is a method that converts organic waste into a valuable agricultural component. Composting creates a nutrient-dense organic soil amendment with a wide range of plant nutrients and helpful microbes. Vermicomposting works similarly to traditional composting in that it creates an optimum habitat for different organisms to break down organic debris. Vermicomposting improves the soil in a variety of ways, as listed below.

Key Features :

  • provides nutrients to the soil
  • Increases the soil’s ability to hold nutrients in a plant-available form
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Aeration and internal drainage of thick clay soils are improved
  • Increases the water holding ability of sandy soils
  • Supplies a diverse range of helpful bacteria.

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How Vermicompost Works:

  • The fine texture of vermicompost mixes well with soil speeding up the plants growth.
  • The macro & micro nutrients present in the vermicompost enriches the soil within a short span after the application.
  • It increases microbial activity in the soil, suppresses plant disease & improves aeration.
  • It is formulated to loosen heavy soils and enhance water retention.


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