Vermi Wash

Vermiwash is another organic manure other than panchagavya. Basically, this is developed from cow dung and Vermicompost is prepared by earthworms. Breakdown of organic material happens due to the actions of earthworms & micro-organisms. This leads to a highly fertile soil.

Key Features:

  • Vermiwash is a complete plant food which enhances the quality and provides a natural aroma to the produce.
  • It is prepared strictly from Desi Cow Dung.
  • It is ideal for Home, kitchen and terrace garden and can be sprayed on all types of plants and field crops.
  • Apart from NPK, it is highly rich in amino acids, vitamins and growth promoting
  • hormones.
  • Vermiwash contains high microbe content which prevent plants from infections.

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How To Apply Vermicompost To the Soil:-

After preparing the compost, it can be applied directly and added with water and applied. Vermicompost works very well in moist conditions. It is advised NOT to apply any chemicals at this point in time which will kill the micro-organisms. In case of using Vermicompost with water, prepare Vermiwash or Vermicompost tea.

Basically, Vermiwash is prepared by allowing water to pass through the container and collecting it. This must be diluted by adding 10 times water in it. This Vermiwash is a very good foliar spray. When it comes to Vermicompost tea, this is being prepared from high-quality worm casts. Try to cover some worm casts with a piece of cloth and put it in a bucket containing pure water.

For enhancing the growth of micro-organisms, add some yeast to the water. Put the bucket in a shaded area for 2 to 3 days and squeeze the worm cast after 2 days. The resulting Vermicompost tea contains lots of micro-organisms & nutrients which are excellent for plant growth. This can be either sprayed on growing plants as foliar spray or directly applied to the soil.


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